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About My Hair, Volume 2: Monat

A little update for you guys about my hair. The number one thing I get asked is about my hair, and let me tell you it is a labor of love. You can read a little history of my struggles here in my original 2019 post “About My Hair” as well as a step-by-step to bouncy bohemian curls.

SO you guys know I love my Moroccanoil, I have not strayed from it for well over three years, and I still have no complaints. I love my Moroccanoil. However, as with my face, my scalp has been struggling a little bit over the past couple of years. Because my hair is so thick, it is hard for me to get down to my scalp when I wash & I began to have issues with buildup from the smoothing shampoo followed by 2-3 days of dry shampoo which then did not get totally washed out. I switched to the Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo sometime in 2020 which definitely helped, and that was pretty much that until a few months ago.

My *fabulous* stylist Anna Catherine at Molly Gee & Co in Madison started telling me about Monat. They are Modern Nature – naturally-based products with a business model focused on sustainability & conservation. I am all for that! “But, like, my hair is looking good & my scalp is way better with the clarifying shampoo.” But why settle for good & better when I can have my BEST hair? ENTER MONAT.

Literally woke up like this – day 2

MONAT is sold only through market partners, & I highly recommend purchasing through a licensed stylist. He or she will be the most knowledgeable & qualified to recommend the best regimen for your specific hair needs. Obviously I am partial to Anna Catherine & the babes at Molly Gee & Co.

My scalp issues are: oiliness, flakiness, product buildup. Anna Cat recommended two different shampoos, a scalp scrub, and a renewing conditioner for me. If you join the VIP program with a recurring FlexShip, you get 15% off plus a special “Only for You” item which for me was a leave-in creme.

Y’all. I just can’t even describe how light & bouncy my hair was after ONE wash with the Purifying Vinegar Shampoo & Super Nourish Oil Creme Conditioner. I used the Only For You CC Leave-in Creme before blow-drying with a diffuser, then styled in my usual boho-curls (step-by-step here). It smells great, my scalp feels awesome & happy, and my ends did not need any extra moisture. The scrub feels amazing & I can tell it really penetrates my hair to exfoliate my scalp. Ahh. And while I admit that I was skeptical of the Renew Shampoo, it did not make my roots oily as I feared. This coarse & kinky hair has NEVER BEEN SO SOFT. I just thought I had a Fabio mane before, but I was wrong. This mane swishes, y’all.

Anna Cat & Molly recommended both shampoos for me because the Purifying Vinegar is more of a treatment shampoo, and the Renew is more for daily use. I only wash my hair every 3-4 days, so I am just alternating each shampoo with a scrub every other week until my hair & scalp get acclimated to the new system, then reevaluate.

Stay tuned for About My Hair Volume 3 in a few weeks!

*evil laugh bc my hair is perfect *

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